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Chuzhou Runtai Halal Food Co. Ltd. is located in Langya Road, Yong Yang Anhui District of Chuzhou city with 301. Is a registered by the industrial and commercial enterprises in accordance with the law, telephone (05503075570). Chuzhou Runtai Halal Food Co., Ltd is (spice; bread; food additives; food and beverage agent; food and beverage processing; agricultural and sideline products processing) and other products and services provider, management and service system has a complete and scientific and advanced production equipment, the quality of service and product quality. In the daily management of the enterprise, pay close attention to the quality, credibility and development, improve the visibility of the enterprise; management, efficiency, economies of scale to benefit, to strict discipline and a clear responsibility to improve work efficiency, the introduction of the advanced management system, perfect the rules and regulations, take responsibility to each a worker. Unity on the...




Contact: Jun Zeng Wang

Phone: 18905505685

Tel: 0550-3075570

Email: [email protected]

Add: Chuzhou, Langya Province Economic Development Zone, Yong Yang Road, No. 301, No.

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